Tuesday, November 25, 2008


these days i eat a lot!!! hiee.. maybe i'm too happy with my life now.

  • happy with people around me
  • happy with the moment i have now ( it's semester break you know!! of coz i'm happy.lalala~~)
  • and last but not least, coz i'm happy laaa!! iskk
huhu. happy= eat a lot!! huuuuuu. i have to control my appetite starting now. you need a balance diet ye cik aina :D. anda sudaa gomokkssss!!! tgk nihhh!! :P

iye saya tahu.. saya senyum control sbb kalu tak control x muat skrin kamera :>
Then.. what to do?? eat sikit-sikit la. hehh :(( but i love to eat. it's so depressing for creature like me who always craving for food. How i'm gonna say NO and resist that? :D

So... to avoid extra kilo's, i should....
  • eat lot of veggie- deal..! coz i'm veggie lover especially brocoli!!! tapi ade org tu tak suke mkn sayo. dia ckp kan... sayo busokk. ekekkek. cap ayam nye deria bau. sayo mana ade busokk.. kalu bantal busokk baru la busokk..!! :p
  • not take heavy meal especially rice for a while
  • drink more plain water- will try huhu
  • eat less junk food- i love this stuff very much. aiyaiiyaii (skali skala xpe kan :D)
  • do more exercises - urghhh. also in the list?? i dont really agree wif this idea.. but... playing badminton oke wat?? :)
  • others?? erm.. so lazy to dig my hipotalamus now.. but then.. all listed tips above is what i'm going to do :D
tata for now- off to bed to burn some calories.. i guess?? :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

DI'TAG' sudaaaaa...

uhukk. FEaR fActOr :P

1) diri senirik boley??
2) miRmo
3) Canon eos 1000D
4) Mcik Leha
5) Laksa Penang
6) Honda Jazz
7) Lipas
8) :P
9) siti nurhalija
10) dakbaik


Who is no.2 having relationship with?
ontah. xpasti. awek2 jiran seblah kot. miRmo playboy :D

Is no.3 a female or a male?
kat mana nk check yekkk? dakbaik bley tolong check kaa??

If no.7 and no.10 be together, would it be a good thing?
haihh. dunia da tebalik ka??? hahaha

How about no.5 and 8?
Laksa penang tu sejenis makanan dan :P adalah sejenis sayuran ijo. xskola kaa???

Where is number 1 studying?
depaN Tv n shopping MaLL- what a blast place to do research ^-_-^

When was the last time you have chat with them?
uishhh..chat? giloko?? xsume leh chat la.

Is number 4 a single?
coming sooonnnnnn. Bak kate irwan syah Kutunggu Jandamuuuuu lalalala~

Talk something about no. 2?
busookk :P

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hupdate yg dipaksEE :D

owh! sungguh xde cerita ye. tapi ade dak tu suh gak mai update.ekekekek. nk update ape yekk. erm.oke.lets story about my day's out last saturday wif my dating partner alia. hehe. We promised to meet at 2pm. but then, taw2 la.. janji melayu.hehe. almost 1 hour and half i waited for her at kl central. Punye la tawaf kl sentral tu berbelas2 kali.hahahha. Finally,she came at 3.30pm. We just lepaking at KL Central's McD since we had no idea where to go and it was raining tho outside.

quite bored rite?? :D at 7.30 we decided to make a move. But u know me... very unpredictable person.haha. saya tarik alia p KLCC. hahahaha. Then i bought this stila convertible eye color from parkson which is cost me RM98. Iye..iye.. saya bukan seorg pe"make-up" :P

a versatile shade for shadow and liner in one makeup item :D

owh. btw, duwekk sponsor dah masuk. its almost 10k to be spent before 31 Jan 09 hahahahahh ^-_-^ coz i 'll get some more every 3months onwards. :D nahhh!! its doesn't mean that, there will be more shopping after this. i'm not a money spender erks!! spender??? kikikiki moe money plishhhh :P

Thursday, November 13, 2008

dua kali kije lak ekkk

aiyaiyaii.. disebabkan tuko link blog yg baru.. habeh ilang sume link2 yg ku wat kat seblah tu ilang. Totally lost taw!! wuuu! :(( penat den. dah le link2 yg org wat tu besh2 sume. adeh. buang karen jek browse satu ari td. Kne wat smula. tak ke 2 kali kije nama nye. Abeh kene tempek balik link2 tu sume.Hampeh gas tul la... baru ku taw, kalu tuko link bawu, link2 yg kite wat kat seblah tu abeh ilang yekkk. ala.. x abeh khatam lagik la wat blog ni. ahahhaha. :D

Pengajaran wat diriku dan jugek pembaca yg lain, make sure save kat mana2 dulu link2 yg anda syg tu kat pat len seblom anda menukar link blog anda yg baru yekk!! jgn jadik mcm haku. :>

nota kiri: owh!! ade org request suh letak chat box kat cini. ekekkekek. nanti yep! kne godek2 dlu.
nanti me letak. Tungguuuu..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new bag for this coming semester?

i hate browsing online shops ;D .so tempting u know!!! especially when your eyes really get caught on an item that make you wanna browse at the same page every sec!!! hahaha. that's what happen to me.hokeyy!!!

plishh make the story short ;P

oke,i just saw this trendy pink & black zebra stripe clutch from online shopping website AliceWonders.com very cute rite??? and of course i love the color mucho! mucho! but the bad news is it's out of stock!! erghhh. its oke for me then since i still hav no idea when to use it :D

However...i cant cheat myself to hav this one!!!!!Pls see below :D
Boho Crochet pink shoulder beg. what i like most is its handmade scales. very unique and different. isnt it a pretty pretty girly bag for a student like me? hoho :D aha. so clever!! Yess!! its gonna be my new bag for this coming semestar. its price me only rm59. Owh. very...very affordable hokeyyy!!!. i want it! i want it!

But..the problem is.. i just bought new one.... two actually..huhu...a couples of weeks before at Sogo. Is it oke to add one more bag in my collection???? :D still thinking..........

Monday, November 10, 2008

famiLy big eveNt

this coming December will be one big event in my family. My sis is getting married!!! yeahhh! Finally she ends her single marital status to wife to be. :D

But. The problem is.. i got nothing to wear!. Maroon color is chosen as our family members side. I plan to wear a simple yet modern baju kurung. arap2 sempat lagik nk tempah.hieeee. emm.. hope by this weekend i can go for a short shopping wif alia and get what i'm looking for. :D hopefully!!

1st entry

yippieeeee.. finally, i got a new blog with much much prettier .xml blog template. hehe. well...well.. i wat blog ni xde nak aim mana2 pembaca. it just for myself. i mean.. i hav no target readers or what so ever.. just keeping somtin that accessible for me. :D and mayb for future reference.nyway, readers out there u' re welcome to take a view or giv any comments oso. . . one more ways to have "terapi jiwe" :D

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